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  • The oxygen machine looks fashionable with small size; it improves your home taste. This o2 concentration offers an adjustable oxygen flow of 1-6LPM, and its oxygen concentration is between 30-90%; you can adjust the oxygen output according to your own situation.
  • The home oxygen concentrator is equipped with an anion function. This anion function can work with an oxygen system; of course, it can work by itself with the press of a “negative” button. Air winds of anion generator in the machine, while operating the exhaust vents discharged into the machine's surrounding space.
  • The oxygen concentrator is one of the intelligent home appliances with intelligent control. This machine provides a large IMD color panel with an LED screen; this screen is easy to operate functions. The generation displays elapsed time on the screen; you can take the oxygen for a reasonable time. Furthermore, you can operate the function over the infrared remote control. For example, you can turn on or turn off the oxygen maker and the anion, set time to adjust the time of oxygen inhalation. Make your life easier and more convenient.
  • The machine installed a multi-layer filter, and it has three filtration treatments for the air: coarse dust filter, fine dust filter, and bacterial filter. After that, the oxygen is purer and cleaner. The filter is easy to replace because the two front filters can be changed. It brings fresh feelings after replacing the filters.
  • In the oxygen machine, a water cup is installed to keep the oxygen humid. Determining how much humidification you need depends on your personal preference. This water cup needs to be cleaned daily, particularly if it is going to be used to catch your daily oxygen needs.
  • The personal oxygen has an atomization function. The concentrator has two oxygen outlets, one for standard oxygen output and another for atomized oxygen. Additionally, the generator has two tubes to allow for simultaneous oxygen inhalation by two users.
Oxygen Flow: continuous flow, 1-6 L/min adjustable.
Oxygen Concentration: 30% - 90% (1L/min) adjustable.
Output Pressure: <100kpa
Sound Level: less than 48dB
Rated voltage: AC110V, 220V, input power is 115W
Item Weight: 11.46 lb
Item size: 11.89*6.61*12.8 inches
PSA methods: PSA
Electrical categories: II Execution standard: GB4706.1-2005 Q/MAF 01-2014
Timing setting:
The machine can continue to work for 24 h / 7 d without operating the time button.

MAFO15AW Components:
1 X Oxygen concentrator
1 X Ear-mounted oxygen tube
1 X Silicone oxygen tube
1 X Filter
1 X Instruction manual
1 X Certificate
1 X Manual
1 X Warranty Card
1 X Remote control
1 X Power cable

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  • How long is the warranty

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    All of our brnad new machines are one-year warranty

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    And all our oxygen machines do not need prescription

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  • What supplies are needed. In continuous 2 l/m usage how much supplies are needed

    Hi, the MAF015AW is a home oxygen machine that can provide you 1-6L with 90% concentration. 
    and we have the stock in the US now. 
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