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Describtions for Home Oxygen Concentrator ZH-A51


  • Oxygen concentrating:93%±3%
  • Oxygen flow:0.6L-5L/Min
  • Input power:≤400W
  • Voltage:AC230V,50Hz
  • Outlet pressure:40kPa
  • Working noise:≤54dB(A)
  • Alarm noise level:≤85dB(A)
  • Size:470mm(L)*280mm(W)*550mm(H)
  • Net weight:24kg
  • Electrical requirements:B type,ClassⅡequipment
  • Working environment requirement:No corrosive gas and strong magnetic field around
  • Environmental condition:5℃~40℃
  • Relative humidity:≤80%
  • Atmospheric pressure:86kpa~106kpa
  • ATTENTION:Beyond above mentioned condition may affect product‘s working.If temperature is below 5℃, please do not use until putting it in room temperatureover 4H


Oxygen concentrator is used for improving oxygen supply system in our body,attaining complement of oxygen and health. It could be benefit for middle-aged and elderly people, who more prone to illness, pregnant woman,students and those have Physiological hypoxia. Also benefifit for releasing from hard physical labour or brain work, good for recovery.


  • Full plastic cabinet .Safe and reliable.
  • With TIME memory function.
  • With accumulated time function to show total working time from LCD.
  • With power off timing function. Ease to use.
  • With safe valve for over pressure in our humidifification bottle's upper
  • With alarm function for power lost.
  • With alarm function for Higher/Lower voltage system circulation.
  • With alarm function for lower oxygen purity.
  • Heat protector is in compressor. To ensure compressor and oxygen
  • concentrator are safe.

ZH-A51 Components:

Nasal oxygen cannula

Operation manual

Second level inner filtering

First level filtering

Second level outer filtering

Nebulizer Cup Assy (Optional)

Describtions for Portable Oxygen Concentrator  NT-03

Oxygen Flow: 3L/min stable flow (not adjustable)
Oxygen Concentration: stable 32.5±2.5% oxygen concentration
Oxygen production method: pressure swing adsorption separation method (PSA method)
Noise: ≤45 Db(A)
Item Weight: 3.1 Pounds (1.4KG)
Package Size: 8.07*3.75*5.11 inches (20.5*9.5*13cm)
Work rate: 30W
Input voltage: DC12V~16. 8V
Working time: 40 minutes, 60 minutes, 80 minutes, 180 minutes (adjustable)

Battery of NT-03:
Come with the NT-03 portable oxygen concentrator
Battery Lasting: last for 1-3 hours
Standard battery pack capacity: 2500mAH 14.8V,the highest voltage is 16.8V

NT-03 Components:

1X Portable oxygen concentrator
1X AC Adaptor
1X 2500 mAh Battery
1X Car converter/ car adapter
1X Instruction manual (Check the online manual here)
1X Diagonal shoulder bag
1X Oxygen tube & nasal cannula

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