VARON 1-7 L/min Home Oxygen Concentrator 105W


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New Arrival Home Oxygen Concentrator 105W

1. More design highlights, more intimate use.
2. Reduce noise from 48db to 42db, repeat optimization over every detail, comprehensively care for you and your family’s sleep.
3. Increase the flow rate to 7L per minute.
4. Provide two in one oxygen inhalation atomization functions.
5. Added voice broadcast function features.

Product Feature

1. The home oxygen concentrator designed a minimalist appearance with small size, satisfying users’ needs in different types of living spaces, such as bedrooms and living rooms.
2. The Oxygen Concentrator provides a molecular sieve, which is a high-efficiency lithium sieve technique used for strong adsorption, high oxygen yield and strong stability.
3. The high-efficiency oil-free compressor continues to provide you with surging power, and the strong wind pressure significantly improves the heat dissipation performance of the machine, effectively prolonging the service life of the oxygen generator.
4. The new Oxygen machine equipped the intelligent control with a large IMD color panel. For example, flow regulation, voice broadcast, timer operation, and infrared remote controls are easy to operate over the intelligent control.
5. The Concentrator has a fault detection function-electric overload protection. When the oxygen generator's working temperature is too high, the system will automatically shut down.


Size: 305x180x300mm
Weight: 5.5kg
Power supply: AC110V 60Hz/AC220V 50Hz
Output power: 150VA
Oxygen concentration: 35%-90%
Oxygen flow: 1~7L/min continuous flow (Adjustable)
Working sound: ≤42dB(A)
Working time: 24h/7d
Electrical classification: Ⅱ
Operating mode: continuous

Package Includes

Oxygen concentrator*1
Power cord*1
Nasal oxygen tube*1
Filter Screen*2
Filter cotton*2
Remote control*1
Instruction manual*1(check thr online manual here)

Extra Accessories

All of the accessories required will come with our oxygen concentrator. If you need extra accessories, click here to get more.

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Ask a Question
  • Do I need a prescription for this unit

    Dear Sir/Madam
    Thanks for interested in our oxygen machine.
    No, all our oxygen concentrators do not need prescription

  • What is the delivery time for the 105 W to Wisconsin, USA?

    Dear Sir/Madam
    Thanks for interested in our oxygen concentrator.
    It will need about 7 business days to arrive you.

  • Does this concentrator includes a mask?

    Dear Sir/Madam
    Thanks for interested in our oxygen machine.
    Yes, it includes a Nebulizer. 
    The package includes:
    Oxygen concentrator*1 Power cord*1 Nebulizer*1 Nasal oxygen tube*1 Filter Screen*2 Filter*2 Filter cotton*2 Fuse*2 Remote control*1 Instruction manual*1

  • Are the filters reusable? How often do we need to wash them? Are there replacement filters? How often do you need to change the filter?

    1. Clean the Air Intake(filter) every 3 weeks and replace it every 3 months.
    2. Clean the oxygen inhaler every week, and replace it every 3 months.
    3. Change the water in the Wet Cup every day.
    Click here to get the accessories for 105W:

  • Do you have to add water with this model?

    Dear customer, thank you for your question.
    The 105W oxygen concentrator can be used with adding water or not, add water just to moisten the oxygen.

  • does it have columns or other parts that have be replaced or serviced periodically

    Dear Sir/Madam
    Yes, we have accessories for you to replace.

  • Will this oxygen concentrator work for overnight oxygen use?

    Dear Sir/Madam
    Yes, the oxygen concentrator can work for overnight