Wireless LED Face & Neck Mask 7 Colors Light Treatment


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  • Light and unrestrained: This product is powered by a battery without a plug-in, which not only reduces the binding of wires and increases the use scene, but also reduces the weight of the product and lightens the burden on the face. The built-in silicone pad protects the eyes and avoids the influence of light on the eyes.
  • Professional skincare and treatment: use the natural light waves to transfer energy to the skin. It can make the skin bright, reduce and prevent wrinkles, reduce pores, promote blood circulation, tighten the skin, and improve skin elasticity. It is an ideal LED skincare mask. Most of the skin types tested by clinical practice can be safely used by most people.
  • Different colors and multiple intensities: mask with 102 LED lights, neck mask with 40 LED lights, release 7 colors, 5 light intensity, red wavelength 630nm, improve cell activity, antioxidant, brighten skin color, tighten skin; the blue light wavelength of 470nm, inhibit inflammation, repair skin; the green light wavelength of 520nm, balance water-oil ratio, dredge lymphatic drainage swelling; yellow light through special place With 590nm wavelength, it can replenish energy, decompose pigment and improve skin roughness; purple light is the dual-frequency light of red light and blue light, which combined with the effect of the two, has a better effect on acne marks; cyan light can gradually increase the energy of cells and promote cell metabolism; laser light can accelerate the metabolism of active tissues, decompose spots and improve skin relaxation.
  • CE certification security: high-quality materials, after strict testing, CE certification, efficacy, and safety performance are guaranteed.
  • Recommendation: collocation essence mask, doubling nutrition absorption speed, not wasting a drop of essence.

Product Specifications:
Size: 30 * 21 * 14cm
Gross weight: 1.1kg
Material: PBC, silica gel
Battery capacity: 3000mAh (about 90 minutes of operation)

Package Includes:
charging mask * 1
neck protection * 1
remote controller * 1
conversion plug * 1
holder * 1
USB charging cable * 1
nylon elastic belt * 1
mask connecting cable * 1
instruction manual * 1

Pregnant women and people with thyroid disease or eye disease should not use it.

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