How to choose Oxygen Concentrator

Billions of brain cells in the human body need much oxygen. Without oxygen supply for 30 seconds, brain cells are destroyed. When the oxygen supply is terminated in 3 minutes, the human body cannot regenerate the damaged cells.
Nowadays, the existence of oxygen concentrators in middle-aged and elderly families is almost comparable to that of clinical thermometers. Despite this, there are still many people who do not understand the specific applicable symptoms and population of the oxygen concentrator, and there are many misunderstanding as follow:
-only critically ill patients need oxygen maker.
-only older people need a high-flow oxygen concentrator.
-young people do not need personal oxygen.
The time has come for the o2 concentrator for justifying its name!
The oxygen concentration in the air is about 21%. Although this oxygen amount is ideal for a healthy human being, it is insufficient for the majority of patients with the respiratory system, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. They often have hypoxia-related signs, such as coughing and breathing difficulties. If oxygen is not supplied promptly and efficiently during the time, it may lead to irreversible consequences.
Therefore, the o2 concentrator machine has developed into an indispensable auxiliary recovery tool for patients and family members doing family oxygen therapy, and its importance cannot be underestimated.
Many people are unaware of the difference between 1L, 3L and 5L oxygen generator. Indeed, this is the maximum oxygen flow per minute that the concentrator machine will provide under the assumption of maintaining an oxygen concentration. As the flow rate exceeds the maximum oxygen flow rate, the oxygen concentration decreases, and the impact of oxygen inhalation decreases or disappears entirely.
1L/min oxygen concentrator is an oxygen refill machine with a maximum oxygen output of 1L per minute under the premise that the oxygen concentration reaches the standard. This is affordable for many pregnant women who need general oxygen inhalation and general workers(such as students or workers in the business) who work for long periods. This best oxygen concentrator is generally for health care, it usually takes 30 minutes to oxygen therapy. Temporary exhaustion will be alleviated, and you will feel more energised.
The 3L concentrator machine meets medical oxygen standards and has a maximum oxygen output is 3L per minute, which ensures that the oxygen supply can be adjusted in the interval of 0-3L/min, and the flow rate of 3L/min cannot be increased, otherwise the output oxygen is unstable. This type of concentrator has different prices due to different brands, and is suitable for home oxygen therapy for patients with older people at home or who have some chronic diseases (such as cardiovascular and cerebrovascular hypoxic diseases, hypertension, hyperglycemia, obesity, etc.). The primary purpose is to increase blood oxygen saturation and prevent the occurrence of some other diseases.
When the 5L oxygen generator's oxygen concentration reaches the standard, the maximum oxygen output can reach 5 L/min. Suitable for patients with cardiopulmonary functional diseases (such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, pulmonary heart disease).
For 8L and 9L best oxygen generator, it is mostly used for particular patients who have long-term oxygen inhalation and cannot be separated from oxygen.
It can be seen that the choice of a household oxygen concentrator cannot be sloppy, because it is directly related to the safety and health of users. Oxygen health care and oxygen therapy should be treated differently. 1L or 2L oxygen generator is recommended for oxygen health care. It is recommended to choose a 3L or 5L molecular sieve oxygen supply machine if it is used for patients. The oxygen flow is adjustable, and the oxygen concentration (93%+3) is constant. Purchase an oxygen generator and maintain its oxygen concentration of above 90% at maximum flow, and oxygen flow is adjustable. The most important is molecular sieve concentrator machine is the most advanced oxygen generator at present, and it is the only oxygen generator with international and national standards. The oxygen concentration is constant, always at 93%+3.
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